Everclear Prices

everclear alcohol bottle

Besides having fun, the only other reason for drinking alcohol is to throw your sorrows away – like you are trying to drown yourself into oblivion to forget all your troubles even for just one night.

During this kind of situation, you’d normally look for something hardcore of a drink – the more potent, the better. But as they say, be careful what you wish for because you might just get it – like being served with Everclear.

If you are in for one crazy…err… dumb adventure you don’t want to forget for the rest of your life (if you are ever lucky enough to survive), undiluted Everclear 190-proof might just be what you need.

Being a rectified spirit also known as neutral spirit or grain alcohol that’s so strong Everclear has gained popularity because of its effect a sensation (or lack of it) of impending doom.

You might find this a bit morbid but you’ve been warned.

A Little Background

Produced by Luxco an American company, formerly known as David Sherman Corporation Everclear is clearly one of those products specifically made for human consumption (but so strong that it can almost pass as an industrial cleaning agent) but only daredevils and those who have incredible alcohol tolerance dared to try.

It is bottled as 120, 151, and 190 U.S. Proof with the latter being prohibited in some states due to very obvious reasons.

Its manufacturer suggested that Everclear should not be consumed undiluted. It can be mixed with water or other liquid to downgrade it into a “not so dangerous level”. Because of its notoriety for having insane strength and potency, it is often used as a cleaning solution among households in areas where it is allowed to be sold.


Properties of Everclear

Alcohol content the 190-proof contains 92.4% ethanol. Most rum and vodka in the market only have 40% to 60% andeverclear alcohol bottle 80% to 120% proof. Arguably, there’s no other product more potent than Everclear – at least in the US.

Additives unlike other alcoholic drinks, there’s no sugar nor caffeine added to Everclear due to its almost concentrated alcohol content.

Calories if you are keeping tabs of every calorie you take, stay away from Everclear. Why? It contains a whopping 285 calories per 1 shot compared to most hard drinks at 96 per shot.

Smell You’ll be surprised that despite the seemingly “toxic” alcohol content, it doesn’t have that distinct scent like those of other alcoholic beverages.

States Where Everclear is Banned

If you feel like you’ve been immune to alcohol and wanted to try something more hardcore or you’re just in the mood for extreme adventure, you might want to do it somewhere else if you are living in the following states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Washington

Interesting Facts About Everclear

  • Guinness Book of World Record it comes as a no surprise that Everclear has gotten the title for the “most alcoholic drink in the world” with a concentration volume of 95% alcohol and 190-proof.
  • It is made from corn alcoholic drinks usually come from vegetables and Everclear is no exception; fermented corn with genetically modified organisms (GMO) to be exact.

Everclear Cost

Below are some samples prices of Everclear alcohols.

Everclear 190-Proof750 ml$15.99-$16.9995%
1 liter$19.99-$24.99
1.75 liter$34.99-$34.99
Everclear 151-Proof750 ml$17.99-$22.9975.5%
1.75 liter$38.99-$45.99
Everclear 120-Proof200 ml$5.99-$6.9960%
750 ml$19.29-$26.99
1 liter$22.99-$25.99
1.75 liter$35.19-$36.99

How Potent is Everclear?

In terms of potency, as mentioned, there’s not a single alcoholic beverage more potent than Everclear. Even just one shot can make a person sick if the tolerance level was low.

What makes it more dangerous is that it’s odorless, and colorless which make it unnoticeable when mixed into cocktails and other drinks.

Since you won’t know it’s there, you would likely drink it normally until you feel its effect. If you’re a heavy drinker, you’re at greater risk of intoxication and all of its notorious dangers.

As mentioned, its manufacturer specifically states that it is not meant to be consumed undiluted because it is considered an unfinished ingredient that was meant to be used to concoct an alcoholic beverage of lower proof.

It poses even more danger to teens and college-aged adults because of reported prevalent alcohol abuse among these individuals. This is so because of the effects of alcohol on the vulnerability of the developing brain – including the part that controls the person’s impulses and decision-making.

Because the young person’s ability to make sound decisions can be compromised due to intoxication, anything can happen – binge drinking that leads to uncontrolled behavior.

Alcohol addiction, alcohol poisoning, vehicular accidents, and medical complications are some of the many notable effects of consuming too much alcohol as heavy as Everclear. Worse, it can even lead to irreversible brain damage.

Since alcohol intoxication reduces a person’s inhibitions, this can often lead to the person being confrontational which often results in fist fights. And this is where Everclear topped in a recent study of alcohol brands linked to alcohol-related violence in 13 to 20 years old drinkers at 10.5%.


Serving Suggestions

Since Everclear is so strong that you could almost think its gasoline (especially that it is highly flammable), many have found a way to enjoy its incredible “horsepower” without the deadly kick by mixing it to various drink recipes.

Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Detox Drink with Everclear

Mix some chopped parsley, mint leaves, half lemon juice, sliced cucumber, 2 teaspoon honey, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, and a cup of chilled water. Blend well for a few seconds.

Pour a quarter ounce of Everclear in a glass and pour the strained mixture in it. Add crushed ice and top it with mint sprig.

  • Mixed-Fruit Punch with Everclear

Mix half a cup of Everclear, 2 cups of Vodka, a quarter cup of Malibu Rum, 1 cup of Sprite, 1 pack of Kool-Aid tropical flavor, 1 cup each of Hawaiian fruit punch, orange juice, pineapple juice, plus 1 cup of any juice of choice. Serve over ice with pineapple slice and cherry as toppings.


  • Cold Everclear Sweetshots

In a cup of boiling water, mix a packet of Jell-O and let it cool down. Add 3/4 cup of Everclear and a quarter cup of cold water. Freeze for 2 hours before drinking.