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Vodka Prices, Brands & Buying Guide

Personally, I don’t generally recommend vodka as a spirit. Most vodka cocktails would simply be better as gin drinks. If you’re drinking vodka with soda, tonic, or another carbonated mixer, then the brand really isn’t going to make a huge difference.

Brands like Graingers, Deep Eddy, Stoli, Skyy, and Smirnoff are all similarly priced or cheaper, and the difference in taste will be negligible with the addition of a mixer. On the “premium” side, I think Ketel One, Grey Goose, and Belvedere are all fine, but again, when mixed in a cocktail, you likely won’t be able to tell the difference.

I do think there are a few interesting vodkas out there. If you’re drinking them neatly, I think Potato Vodkas like Chopin and Luksusowa is interesting. There is a bit more flavor and thicker almost fatty consistency. Zubrowka is a Polish vodka flavored with bison grass that I easily crown my favorite vodka. It has subtly sweet notes of vanilla, chamomile, cocoa flower, and grass. They also make rose vodka. 

Vodka Prices

Price RankTypeBottle SizePrice
1Ciroc Vodka750ml$25.99 - $34.99
2Grey Goose Vodka750ml$24.99 - $36.99
3Ketel One Vodka750ml$18.99 - $24.99
4Tito's Vodka750ml$16.99 - $24.99
5Absolut Vodka750ml$14.99 - $32.99
6Skyy Vodka750ml$10.99 - $16.99
7New Amsterdam Vodka750ml$10.99 - $16.99
8Smirnoff Vodka750ml$9.99 - $21.99
9Svedka Vodka750ml$9.99 - $18.99
10Pinnacle Vodka750ml$9.99 - $16.99
11UV Vodka750ml$8.99 - $11.99

Vodka is a versatile and popular spirit that has gained immense popularity across the globe. From classic cocktails to trendy mixes, vodka offers a wide range of options for enthusiasts.

However, with so many brands and price variations available, it can be challenging to navigate the world of vodka. In this article, we will explore the basics of vodka, factors influencing prices, and popular brands, and provide a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed choice. So, let’s dive in!

What is Vodka?

Vodka is a clear, colorless spirit that is typically made from fermented grains, such as wheat, rye, or corn. It is distilled at a high proof to remove impurities, resulting in a clean and neutral flavor profile. Unlike other spirits like whiskey or rum, vodka is not aged in barrels, which contributes to its light and crisp character. Vodka is known for its versatility, making it a staple in a wide range of cocktails and mixed drinks.

How is Vodka Made?

The process of making vodka involves several steps. First, the base ingredients, which can vary from grains to potatoes or even grapes, are mashed and fermented to convert the starches into alcohol. Yeast is added to initiate fermentation, where the sugars are converted into ethanol.

The resulting liquid called a wash, is then distilled multiple times to increase its alcohol content and remove impurities. Finally, the vodka is often filtered through activated charcoal or other materials to achieve a smooth and clean taste.

Popular Vodka Brands

When it comes to vodka, numerous brands have made a name for themselves in the market. Each brand offers its unique characteristics and caters to different consumer preferences. Here are some of the most renowned vodka brands:

Grey Goose

A premium French vodka is known for its smoothness and elegance.

Distilled from high-quality French wheat using a five-step distillation process.

Offers a range of flavored vodkas for added variety.


A Swedish vodka is famous for its iconic apothecary-style bottle.

Made from winter wheat and sourced from a single estate in southern Sweden.

Offers a wide array of flavors, including classics like Citron and Peppar.


A well-known and affordable vodka brand with wide distribution.

Distilled multiple times and charcoal-filtered for a clean and crisp taste.

Offers a vast selection of flavors, making it versatile for mixing cocktails.


A luxury vodka brand originating from Poland.

Crafted using exclusively Polish Dankowskie rye and purified water.

Known for its smoothness and attention to detail in the production process.

Ketel One

A Dutch vodka brand that combines traditional distillation methods with modern techniques.

Made from European wheat and distilled in copper pot stills for smoothness.

Offers a range of expressions, including flavored varieties.


A unique vodka brand made from French grapes.

Distilled five times for a crisp and clean flavor.

Known for its fruit-infused vodkas, including popular variants like Ciroc Red Berry and Ciroc Peach.

Factors Affecting Vodka Prices

When purchasing vodka, several factors can influence the pricing of different brands. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision. Here are some key factors affecting vodka prices:

Brand Reputation

Established and well-known brands often come with a higher price tag due to their reputation and perceived quality.

Boutique or craft vodka brands may also command a premium due to their limited production and artisanal approach.

Production Methods

Vodkas made using traditional and meticulous distillation processes, such as multiple distillations or pot still methods, are often priced higher.

Brands that utilize innovative or unique production techniques may also justify their pricing through the craftsmanship involved.


Vodkas made from premium ingredients, such as high-quality grains or grapes, tend to have higher price points.

Organic or locally sourced ingredients can also contribute to the cost of production, reflected in the final price.


Elaborate and visually appealing packaging, including unique bottle designs or luxurious presentations, can impact the price.

Limited edition or collectible packaging may have a higher price due to its exclusivity and demand.

Vodka Price Ranges

Vodka prices can vary significantly depending on the brand, quality, and market factors. Generally, vodka is categorized into three price ranges:

Budget-friendly Vodkas

These vodkas are often priced affordably, making them suitable for everyday consumption and mixing.

While they may not offer the same level of refinement as higher-end options, budget vodkas can still deliver enjoyable drinking experiences.

Mid-range Vodkas

Mid-range vodkas strike a balance between affordability and quality.

They often offer smoother profiles and better overall taste compared to budget options.

These vodkas are suitable for those seeking a step up in quality without breaking the bank.

Premium Vodkas

Premium vodkas are the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship.

They are often priced at a premium and cater to consumers who value exceptional taste and luxury experiences.

Premium vodkas are commonly enjoyed neat or in simple, elegant cocktails to highlight their unique characteristics.

Buying Guide for Vodka

When buying vodka, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure you select the right bottle for your preferences. Here are some key considerations:

Taste Profile

Determine whether you prefer vodka with a smooth and clean taste or one with more character and flavor.

Consider personal preferences regarding sweetness, spiciness, or hints of botanicals.


Look for vodkas that offer a smooth and velvety mouthfeel without any harsh or burning sensations.

Multiple distillations and filtration methods can contribute to a smoother experience.

Distillation Process

Understand the number of times the vodka is distilled and how it affects the overall quality.

Higher distillation can result in a purer and more refined product.

Filtration Methods

Some vodkas undergo filtration through charcoal or other materials to remove impurities and enhance smoothness.

Different filtration techniques can influence the texture and taste of the vodka.


If you enjoy cocktails, consider how well the vodka blends with other ingredients.

Vodkas with a neutral taste profile is often preferred for versatility in mixing.

Awards and Accolades

Check for any awards or accolades the vodka has received, as they can indicate the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Understanding Labels and Terminology

When browsing vodka options, you may come across various labels and terminology. Understanding these terms can help you make informed choices:

Grain vs. Potato vs. Grape

These labels indicate the primary ingredient used in making the vodka. Each has its own unique characteristics and flavors.

Flavored Vodka

Vodkas infused with natural or artificial flavors, such as fruits or spices, enhance taste and create new flavor profiles.


The proof of a vodka indicates its alcohol content. In the United States, 80 proof is the standard (40% alcohol by volume).


Vodkas made from gluten-free ingredients, such as corn or potatoes, are labeled as gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions.

Personal Preferences

Ultimately, choosing the right vodka comes down to personal preferences. Consider factors such as flavor, smoothness, and price range that align with your taste and budget. Exploring different brands and experimenting with cocktails can also enhance your appreciation for vodka.


Vodka prices, brands, and buying options offer a wide range of choices for both casual and discerning drinkers. By understanding the factors that influence vodka prices, exploring popular brands, and considering personal preferences, you can find the perfect vodka that suits your taste and budget. Remember to enjoy vodka responsibly and savor the unique flavors and experiences it has to offer.

By Nick Lappen

Nick Lappen is a bartender, writer, and occasionally a teacher from Watertown, Massachusetts. Nick has worked in the restaurant industry since age 13.

Beginning as a busser, runner, and crab steamer at Cantlers in Annapolis, Maryland he has gone on to work at bars and restaurants across the United States and abroad. At one time or another Nick has held almost every position in a restaurant, from dishwasher to cook, food runner to bar manager. He has traveled to over 50 nations and brought with him a passion for discovering local food, beer, wine, and spirits which has inspired his bartending.

Most recently Nick has worked as a cocktail bartender and bar consultant in the United States and China. When not caught in a global pandemic he lives in Shanghai and runs the cocktail instagram page @thenickromancer.