The Best Jack Daniel’s Mixed Drinks to Mix with Movies

Nowadays, you don’t really need to buy DVDs to enjoy a full night of bingeing on your favorite movies. You can just download the movie instead. To make it more interesting, you may want to devote an entire evening to a particular theme.

To top the evening off, you need a nice drink of Jack Daniel’s to go with your cinematic adventure. Forget about beer; that’ll just make you want to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. If drinking Jack neat isn’t your style, at least it’s also a great mixer, and the resulting concoctions can go down a lot more smoothly.

So here are some ideal movie themes and the matching Jack Daniels shooter or cocktail:


Hey, we are all adults here, right? The recent success of 50 Shades of Grey has proved that getting tied up and spanked is a titillating prospect for more people than we’ve suspected before.

So if you and your partner are going to watch the 50 Shades movie at home, you may want to follow it up with classics like 9½ Weeks (it’s the 50 Shades of its time) and Secretary, where Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dominant boss is also named Mr. Grey. Surely that’s just a coincidence, right?

To really enjoy these shenanigans, you need to make “Tie Me to the Bedpost Naked.” Yes, that’s the name of the drink, which makes it a bit awkward to order in a bar. But at least you can make it yourself:

To make it, get a highball glass and put in ice. Then pour in equal parts (about half an ounce) of Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort, vodka, peach schnapps, and amaretto. Then add a splash of grenadine, a dash of 7-Up, and a final dash of pineapple juice.


What if your girlfriend wants to go on a Twilight movie marathon? Your best bet is to say that a relationship is all about compromises. So she can pick one Twilight movie and then you can follow it up with From Dusk Till Dawn (the Salma Hayek dance number is a classic) or Underworld, where Kate Beckinsale spends the whole movie without ever smiling. Heck, even Blade is a good alternative too.

So how do you last through that Twilight movie? You drink lots of Vampire’s embrace, that’s how. It’s made of 2 parts Jack Daniel’s and 1 part Dekuyper Hot Damn 100 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps. Mix it in a rock glass over ice.


What if your girl roots for Team Jacob? Aside from the vague worry that your girlfriend may not be old enough to drink yet, there’s also the problem of not having very many werewolf movies to pick from. But you don’t have to binge on episodes of MTV’s Teen Wolf reboot.

You can start with the acknowledged best werewolf movie of all time, which is An American Werewolf in London. After that, you can try Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which is part of the Underworld universe. Or you can try out Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers, which is basically a group of British Army troops versus the werewolves in Scotland.

The perfect drink for this is, of course, the Werewolf cocktail, and no, we’re not making this up. There really is such a thing. You mix 1.5 ounces of Jack with 1.5 ounces of Drambuie in a shaker with ice, and then you shake it vigorously. You then strain it into a lowball glass and soon you’ll be howling at the moon too.

John Travolta

Back in the day, John Travolta was a big deal. Many guys in their 20s nowadays can’t really figure out why, but you may want to reexamine the evidence with several JT movies from the past.

You can start with Saturday Night Fever, and to help you deal with the 1970s outfits and the Bee Gees’ disco music, there’s also a cocktail with the same name. Put some ice in a shaker, and then pour in half an ounce of Sambuca and a splash of lime juice. Shake it well, and then pour it into a shot glass. Top it off with Jack and you’ll be dancing in no time.

Follow up this movie with Urban Cowboy, and this time it’s a combo of cowboy outfits (like string ties), country music, and even mechanical bull riding. It’s a romantic drama too.

To help you get through this ordeal, there’s also an “urban cowboy” shooter to help you dull the pain. Just get a shot glass, and then layer in these three in order: ¾ ounce of Jack, ⅓ ounce of Tequila, and then a ⅓ ounce of Southern Comfort. After a few of these, the idea of riding a mechanical bull may seem like a good idea, so hopefully you’re with friends who can stop you!

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