Johnnie Walker, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Remy Martin: You Are What You Like to Drink

It’s one thing to order Grey Goose vodka because you heard mentioned in a hiphop track. It’s another thing entirely if you just like vodka over anything else. In fact, the kind of alcoholic beverage you like tends to say something about you—on average, the people who love vodka are very different from those who go for bourbon each time.

So what does each type of alcohol beverage say about who you are? Here are some illuminating examples.

Scotch (Johnnie Walker, Dewar, Chivas Regal)

Scotch drinkers tend to be more serious folks. They’re never the life of the party or the class clown. No, if you happen to regard scotch as your go-to drink, you’re a bit more well-read, and you tend to have enough wisdom that often your buddies like to hear your opinions about various stuff.

Irish Whiskey (Jameson)

You’d think that there’s not much difference between Irish whiskey and scotch, but the gulf is actually wider than the North Channel that separates northeast Ireland and southwest Scotland.

When you like Jameson a lot, you probably tried scotch and found it undrinkable. If you found Irish whiskey more suitable, then that may mean that you’re just one relaxed dude. You’re easy-going and friendly, and you don’t take things too seriously. You’re just out to chill, and cool style makes other people feel comfortable around you.


There are two basic ways to enjoy a brandy. One way is too drink it alone and you enjoy the warmth and the taste. The second way is to share it with friends at a casual gathering.

If you like brandy more than whiskey, you probably just like to relax. You don’t really like to stress out, and that means you have no patience with the rather fiery taste of scotch. This is a mellower alternative, as it goes in much more smoothly. You’re unpretentious and down to earth.

Tequila (Jose Cuervo)

No one really drinks tequila shots alone. To do so is probably one of the most depressing things you can do. That’s because this is a great party drink, and part of the fun is the ritual of “lick, shoot, suck”. Doing that when you’re home alone is just sad (in contrast, with whiskey it’s actually kind of cool). If this is your drink of choice, then you must like parties a lot.

Bourbon (Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark)

Many people try bourbon because it’s what their daddy and granddaddy drink. But not that many young adults love its taste.

If you love bourbon, then you’re probably an old guy (or well, at least older) or you’re an old soul. You probably have a lot of old-fashioned values too, so that probably means you’re very diligent at your work and bourbon at the end of the day is your just reward.

Cognac (Remy Martin, Hennessy)

Cognac is perhaps more about image than anything else. Yes, there are people who like it, especially those who’ve grown tired of whiskey and brandy.

You have to understand that this is a special kind of brandy, and this “special” nature makes it a bit more expensive. In some cases, it’s a lot more expensive. So if this is what you tend to drink at home, then you have to be one successful fella. If this is what you drink in parties, then you don’t mind showing off your success. You’re proud of what you’ve achieved in your life, and a glass of cognac in your hand goes well with your Rolex.

Rum (Bacardi, Captain Morgan)

You did see Captain Jack Sparrow and how he loved rum, right? Most people who love rum are very similar. They’re party people who love to be the center of attention, and they don’t mind being unique and different.

Gin (Tanqueray)

This is the universal drink that’s loved by old women as well as youths trying to act older than their age. Generally, those who go for gin first are those who like to explore new tastes and new ways. For people like these, there’s really no such thing as a prissy and formal way of drinking. Everything goes, and you can mix what you want with the gin.

Vodka (Smirnoff, Absolut)

Vodka is a very unassuming and inoffensive drink, so if this is your favorite you’re either a newbie at drinking or the taste doesn’t really matter much to you.

So did we get it right? Or do you think we’re waaaaay off base?

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