Johnnie Walker Blue Label Prices

Blue label

What do you remember when you hear the name Johnnie Walker? Success? Happy occasions? Heartbreak?

But when this brand is accompanied by the words “Blue Label”, these memories become even more special – quality-wise, that is.

Blue Label is considered crème de la crème of this Johnnie Walker brand – the most prestigious, most sought-after, and rightfully so, most expensive.

So, how expensive is it and does it deserve the hefty price tag? Johnnie Walker Blue Label has been arguably the most critiqued of all the spirits – from the basic argument of “is it really that good to deserve the label?” down to “is it really good to deserve the price.

The answer? We will find out in a while.

Humble Beginnings of a Great Brand

Just like a lot of the popular brands around the world, Johnnie Walker has been considered as the proprietary eponym of Scotch whiskeys. And it has every reason to be.

Being the largest seller of whiskey in the world and the most recognizable name in its field, need we say more?

But would you believe that it was a brainchild of a teetotaler? Grocer John Walker never drank alcohol in his life; whether for leisure or otherwise – except perhaps to test his blends.

The Johnnie Walker brand traces its roots in the local town of Kilmarnock when the Walker family’s farm was sold and the proceeds were able to set up a grocery shop that also sold liquors for John to manage. Liquor sale in groceries was prevalent at that time but no one dared sell beyond a single malt that was never consistent in terms of taste.

But John had the vision to solve that issue and started blending them together that soon become a very popular part of his inventory. The Blue Label that we enjoy nowadays came to be by the end of the 20th century through the brilliance of John’s heirs. And the rest, as they say, is a very rich history.

What is it Made of?

Often, food and drinks products that have different flavors have different color packaging to tell each variety apart. Spirits and alcoholic beverages are never far from this intention. Only that; they often do this to distinguish either the alcohol level or the quality.

Currently, the Blue Label is the most expensive in the Johnny Walker’s product line; being the rarest. In fact, only one in 10,000 casks from Speyside and Highland distilleries, together with Cardhu, Clynelish, and Islay, can become JW Blue Label.

  • Type: Whisky
  • Main Ingredients: Very old malt and grains
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40% to 43% (80 to 86 proof)
  • Calories per shot: 105

What to Expect with Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

A product this grand will always be under the scrutiny of meticulous drinkers and industry experts. This is why we’ve listedBlue label down what you can expect from this whiskey heavyweight.

Nose: Your olfactory organ will be in for a treat the moment you opened the bottle. It will fill your nostrils with smooth, silky cereal with sweetness blend of raisin, sweet spices, and a hint of dry smokiness. You can also sense a bit of cocoa-dusted nuts and desiccated coconut.

Palate: The first sip would feel like a soft, velvety touch then a burst of pleasantly strong and spicy flavor of nuts, oranges, and honey with a distinct old taste and aromatic smoke that’s quite addicting.

Finish: Perfectly-rich and mouthwatering grain, spice, and honey with a hint of mossy earth that’s slowly fading on the palate – leaving you craving for more.

How Much Does JW Blue Label Cost?

Listed below are the Johnnie Walker Blue Label prices in select online stores.




750ml bottle


750ml bottle

From $205

750ml bottle


750ml bottle

$185 to $250

750ml bottle

$199 to $229


Serving Suggestions and Food Pairings

Johnny Walker Blue Label is best served with JW’s signature serve: sip chilled water first to cleanse the palate or to remove any remnants of a prior meal or drinks and enjoy the killer flavor combos of dried fruits, rich spice, and dark chocolate.

While most drinkers prefer to just enjoy the whisky a la carte, other aficionados want them paired with different foods. Yet, this seems trickier than it looks and you could use a little help in this department:

  1. 1.Experiment is the key to start with. You must be able to concentrate on the flavors of JW and what you want to highlight. You can also go the other way around. You might just be able to come up with the most exciting pair.
  2. 2.Best pairings may not always be the most complimenting combination of flavors. In fact, polar differences may work just as well like sweeter whisky may go better with spicy foods.
  3. 3.Besides the taste, always take into consideration the whisky’s strong aroma and texture when thinking of foods to pair it with.

Some of the suggested food to be paired with whiskies are the following:

Cheese – it is believed that cheese tends to overwhelm the palate by highlighting whisky’s tannin content. You can try and experiment the types of cheese to go with your whisky but Saint Agur – a blue cheese which is a very rich, pasteurized triple cow’s milk from Beauzac Village in Monts du Velay in France would be best.

Oysters – this is believed to be the perfect complement to whisky’s smoky flavor. Any mollusk of choice would do but Angassi oyster would be perfect.

Johnnie Walker Blue Cheese Ice Cream – this is first served with raisin, walnut, apple, and cassia bark-scented towel, then followed by the JW Blue Label and British Stichleton cheese, whipped Jersey cream, and dehydrated bacon crumb.

Other Notable Facts About Johnnie Walker

Slanted Label – have you ever wondered why you seem to need to tilt your read the label on the bottle? No, it was never a product of erroneous labeling that they just maintained. In fact, it was intentional from the very beginning – slanted at exactly 24 degrees angle.

Changes (Downgrades) – when it was launched in 1992, it used to be 43% ABV. Currently, it’s only 40% ABV or from 86 proof to 80 proof.

Major Awards – the Blue Label has won 6 Le Monde Selection Grand Golds Awards and 3 Double Golds so far at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Original Name – the Johnnie Walker brand’s original name was Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky.

Anniversary Edition – a commemorative Johnnie Walker Blue Label anniversary edition was created in honor of John Walker’s 200th anniversary.