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When you hear the words “energy drink”, one of the brands that you might think of first is Red Bull because it is one of the most popular and easily recognized brands all over the world. In fact, it is so popular that it is considered to have the highest market share of any energy drink in the world.

Red Bull was launched in 1987 and is sold and distributed by an Austrian company called Red Bull GmbH. The company was founded in 1984 and from then until 1987, they tried to modify the formula for an energy drink that originated from Thailand, called Krating Daeng.

Below are the latest Red Bull prices.



Original24 x 8.4 oz. Can$33.89
Sugar Free24 x 8.4 oz. Can$33.89


Original8.4 oz. Can$2.37
Sugar Free8.4 oz. Can$2.37
Original12 oz. Can$3.29
Sugar Free12 oz. Can$3.29
The Blue Edition12 oz. Can$3.29
The Green Edition12 oz. Can$3.29
The Lime Edition12 oz. Can$3.29
The Orange Edition12 oz. Can$3.29
The Purple Edition12 oz. Can$3.29
The Red Edition12 oz. Can$3.29
The Yellow Edition12 oz. Can$3.29
Original16 oz. Can$3.99
Sugar Free16 oz. Can$3.99
Original20 oz. Can$4.79
Sugar Free20 oz. Can$4.79
Original4 x 8.4 oz. Can$8.29


The Blue Edition12 oz. Can$2.99
The Green Edition12 oz. Can$2.99
The Lime Edition12 oz. Can$2.99
The Summer Edition (Limited)12 oz. Can$2.99
The Yellow Edition12 oz. Can$2.99
Original16 oz. Can$3.39
Sugar Free16 oz. Can$3.39
Original20 oz. Can$4.69
Sugar Free20 oz. Can$4.69
Original4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
Sugar Free4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
The Blue Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
The Orange Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
The Red Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
The Yellow Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
Original12 x 8.4 oz. Can$19.99
Sugar Free12 x 8.4 oz. Can$19.99

Sam’s Club

Original24 x 8.4 oz. Can$34.38
Sugar Free24 x 8.4 oz. Can$33.88
Original12 x 16 oz. Can$32.38
The Blue Edition12 x 16 oz. Can$49.98
The Red Edition12 x 16 oz. Can$49.98


Original8.4 oz. Can$1.99
Sugar Free8.4 oz. Can$1.99
Original12 oz. Can$2.59
Sugar Free12 oz. Can$2.59
The Blue Edition12 oz. Can$2.79
The Green Edition12 oz. Can$2.79
The Lime Edition12 oz. Can$2.79
The Orange Edition12 oz. Can$2.79
The Purple Edition12 oz. Can$2.79
The Yellow Edition12 oz. Can$2.79
Original16 oz. Can$3.49
Original4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
Sugar Free4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
The Blue Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
The Orange Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
The Red Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
The Yellow Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
Original4 x 12 oz. Can$10.49
Sugar Free4 x 12 oz. Can$10.49
Original12 x 8.4 oz. Can$19.79
Sugar Free12 x 8.4 oz. Can$19.79


Original8.4 oz. Can$2.29
Sugar Free8.4 oz. Can$2.29
Original12 oz. Can$3.19
Sugar Free12 oz. Can$3.19
The Blue Edition12 oz. Can$3.19
The Green Edition12 oz. Can$3.19
The Lime Edition12 oz. Can$3.19
The Orange Edition12 oz. Can$3.19
The Purple Edition12 oz. Can$3.19
The Red Edition12 oz. Can$3.19
The Summer Edition (Limited)12 oz. Can$3.19
The Yellow Edition12 oz. Can$3.19
Total Zero12 oz. Can$3.19
Original16 oz. Can$3.99
Sugar Free16 oz. Can$3.99
Original20 oz. Can$4.49
Original4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99
Sugar Free4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99
The Blue Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99
The Red Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99
The Yellow Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99


Original8.4 oz. Can$1.98
Sugar Free8.4 oz. Can$1.98
Original12 oz. Can$2.50
Sugar Free12 oz. Can$2.50
Total Zero12 oz. Can$2.50
The Blue Edition12 oz. Can$2.50
The Green Edition12 oz. Can$2.50
The Lime Edition12 oz. Can$2.50
The Orange Edition12 oz. Can$2.50
The Purple Edition12 oz. Can$2.50
The Red Edition12 oz. Can$2.50
The Yellow Edition12 oz. Can$2.50
Original16 oz. Can$3.27
Original20 oz. Can$3.98
Original4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
Sugar Free4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
The Blue Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
The Orange Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
The Red Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
The Yellow Edition4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
Original4 x 12 oz. Can$9.86
Original12 x 8.4 oz. Can$18.73
Sugar Free12 x 8.4 oz. Can$18.73

Red Bull PricesThe modification was done in an effort to match the European taste by turning the drink into a carbonated one and lessening the sweetness. When they finally came up with the right formula, the energy drink was released in Austria and it was named Red Bull. That time, the target market of the product were young professionals and it found huge success.

From Austria, Red Bull expanded throughout Europe during the early 1990’s and entered the United States in 1997. Only a year after Red Bull entered the US, the brand already grabbed 75% of the market, contributing a lot to the company’s success and the founders’ wealth.

Red Bull GmbH now operates in 171 countries all over the globe and employs more than 10,000 people. Red Bull has also maintained its stature as the most consumed energy drink in the world with more than 62 billion recyclable cans sold.

The success of Red Bull can also be credited to the marketing of the product. Before its huge success, the company distributed free cases of the energy drink to college students, with the purpose of spreading brand awareness. The marketing strategy used was a success and Red Bull became known even more through different sports and entertainment advertising campaigns. Additionally, the brand mottos, “Red Bull Gives You Wings” and “No Red Bull, No Wings” became easily recognized and were said to be direct plays on the stimulating properties of the drink.


Red Bull can give you the wings that you need whenever you need them, but you also need to be careful not to take too much. Just like with other beverages containing caffeine, excessive consumption can lead to negative side effects such as mild to moderate euphoria, agitation, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia. Because of the caffeine content, it should not be taken by children, pregnant and nursing children, as well as people with caffeine sensitivity.

Red Bull Energy Drink Variants and Ingredients

Aside from the original Red Bull Energy Drink, there are also other variants that are available in the market. Generally, Red Bull contains caffeine, taurine, B Vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12), sucrose, and glucose.

A can of Red Bull has a caffeine content of 80 mg per 250 ml or 32 mg per 100 ml. It has the same caffeine content as one cup of coffee, or even less. The content can also depend on the country because there are some countries that have legal restrictions on the allowed caffeine content in drinks.

True to the brand’s motto, Red Bull Energy Drink is described as a functional beverage that can provide you wings whenever you need them. It is recommended to be drank when you need to go on a long drive, during study sessions and lectures, while you are at work, or while you are engaged in any sports or while working out. It contains caffeine, taurine, B-group vitamins, sugars, and alpine water.

Red Bull Sugarfree is like the original Red Bull Energy Drink, but without sugar. It only contains 3 calories per 100 ml. Even without the sugar, the Sugarfree variant can still give you wings to get through a busy day, help you finish an intense workout session, or allow you to enjoy a night out with friends. It has the same ingredients as Red Bull Energy Drink but instead of sugars, it has aspartame and acesulfame K, which are among the most used sugar substitutes in the world.


Red Bull Zero Calories also vitalizes the body and the mind and is recommended for people who need the extra boost, but do not want the extra calories and sugar. It is best for athletes, students, and professionals who need to get the same wings given by Red Bull Energy Drink. It also contains caffeine, B-group vitamins, taurine, alpine water, aspartame, acesulfame k, with the addition of sucralose as a sugar substitute.

Then, there are the Red Bull Editions which provide the same benefits and contain the same ingredients as that of Red Bull Energy Drink, but have the taste of cranberry, lime, blueberry, and tropical fruits.

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  1. Hello, I wanted to know if you have red bull in a small gas station store, are all prices set the same?
    2 12oz red bull for $5.36 plus tax or do the stores decide that?

  2. Every speedway and krogers around Butler county and Warren county In Ohio. They are charging people 2 12 Oz original redbulls 5.95 when they are 3 for 7.00 dollars with taxes for the last 10 yrs or more and they didn’t raise the prices alot of speedway employees say they don’t have training to push the right price so I can only buy two redbulls for 5.75 please help they are lying and stupid and don’t know anything and it’s costing redbulls lots of money missed

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