Nestle Water Prices

Water is the source of life and it is one of the most important needs of the human body. Without clean drinking water, our bodies and organs will not function the way they are supposed to and that would take a toll on our health and wellbeing. It is also important to drink clean and safe water regularly to maintain healthy hydration.

The need for a clean and safe drinking water is recognized by Nestle, that is why they came up with several bottled water brands to help meet the global need. Nestle is not just the largest bottled water brand. They have also been in the industry for many years already. Although Nestle Waters was only founded in 1992, the father of the company, Henri Nestle, founded the Nestle Group way back in 1866.

Below are the latest Nestle Water prices.



Nestle Water12 x 8 oz.$2.67

Sam's Club

Nestle Water40 x 16.9 oz.$4.24
Nestle Splash Water32 x 16.9 oz.$7.98


Nestle Water15 x 16.9 oz.$2.59
Nestle Water28 x 16.9 oz.$3.99


Nestle Water12 x 8 oz.$1.88
Nestle Splash Water6 x 16.9 oz.$1.50
Nestle Water12 x 16.9 oz.$2.48
Nestle Water32 x 16.9 oz.$3.98
Nestle Water1 Gallon$0.98

Nestle Water PricesNestle Water Pure Life was launched in 1998 in Pakistan, introduced to the European market in 2000, and to the United States in 2001. Now, it is considered as one of the most popular bottled water brands in the global market. This is not surprising at all since it is manufactured by Nestle, which is also one of the largest and leading nutrition, health, and wellness company in the world.

They also earned the number one spot in the bottled water market because Nestle ensures that they only deliver pure and safe water in more than 40 countries across five continents. They have been doing that since they started and have maintained the quality of their water through many generations of consumers.

What is even more appealing about Nestle Water Pure Life is their commitment to the hydration of a healthy family. The soft and gentle taste of this bottled water brand appeal to consumers of all ages, kids and adults alike.

Nestle Water Pure Life is also known to be convenient for everyone because of its high quality drinking water that comes at an affordable price. The brand stays true to its commitment to bring healthy hydration to the family and to as many people as possible.

Their water bottles come in convenient and economical formats so that people can have access to clean drinking water anywhere and everywhere they go. Nestle Water Pure Life is available in individual bottles for people who are always on the go. Consumers can choose the 8 ounce size bottle which is perfect for lunch boxes and parties or the 700 ml  bottle with a built-in grip for those who have an active lifestyle. There is also a half liter bottle, which is one of the most popular size because of convenience.


For bigger groups, Nestle Water Pure Life is also available in 3 liter bottles, which are easy to store and easy to stack too. There is also a 1 gallon bottle with easy pour handle,  3 gallon bottle, which is ideal for mealtime with the family, and 5 gallon bottle, which is perfect for home and office use.

Nestle Water Pure Life also supports the environment by using an eco shape bottle which is 30% lighter than other bottled products.

Nestle Water Purification Process

Nestle Water comes from the local well or municipal water, which goes through a laborious filtration process consisting of several steps. The purification process also involves reverse osmosis and distillation.

Reverse osmosis filtration is one of the most popular and trusted water filtration methods because the process results in outstanding water. Basically, reverse osmosis works by removing dissolved inorganic solids and impurities such as fluoride, chlorine and chlormamine, nitrates, sulfates, lead, and others from the water.

After the rigorous filtration process, the water is enhanced with a unique blend of minerals for great taste. The mineral content, measured as TDS or total dissolved solids, gives Nestle Water Pure Life the its distinct personality and taste.

Nestle believes that quality should always come first. That is why, the water that comes from all their sources are tested to ensure consistency and continued water quality from source to bottle. Nestle also employs a wide ranging barrier system which complies with the regulatory standards set by the state and the FDA.


To ensure quality, Nestle ensures that the whole process involves filtration that is carefully controlled. The disinfection process is also done in hygienically designed lines and is continuously monitored and tested. It does not stop there. Even after the filtration and disinfection, Nestle continues to test the products during the bottling process and conducts hourly tests on finished products as well to guarantee the quality of the water before they reach the consumers.

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