How to Get Sober After Heavy Drinking

Alcohol drinking can be fun and a good break from a stressful day. Yet, too much of it is not as fun as it is. You know when you’ve had too much because you will feel symptoms of nausea or dizziness, headaches, lack of control in your actions and manner of speaking, and feeling sick in the stomach to the point of wanting to puke. You may need to sober up quickly to recover from a drunken state and feel better the morning after.

For one to be fully sobered, you should allow enough time for alcohol to be completely processed in your system. This normally takes time especially if you’ve had had enough alcohol for the night. Yet, there are ways to sober up fast and feel intoxicated because helping your body recover from too much alcohol is a lot better feeling than letting your body fend for itself and endure the process of regular intoxication.

Tips to Get Sober Quickly

1. General rule: stop drinking if you feel you’ve had too much.

It may be self-explanatory and plain, simple English but a constant reminder may be required for real alcoholics. Who loves a hangover with all the headache and disoriented feeling and nonstop puking? You have got to exercise control in downing your Jose Cuervo or Bacardi shots or whatever kind of alcohol you’re drinking when you can feel you have exceeded your dosage and may pass out soon.

Allow yourself to stay up for three hours after your last drink before hitting the sack. This should be enough time for you to sober up, but if your body can’t stand a 3-hour wait to feel better and would rather go to sleep, then consider the other ways of sobering up fast.

2. Based on common experience of alcohol drinkers, throwing up can help expedite the process of becoming sober.

There are times when we can’t help but indulge ourselves in heavy drinking especially when at parties. We get a little too engrossed in the moment without realizing that we drank more alcohol than we can take. Throwing up can help to take the alcohol out of the stomach before it gets into the system. Puking can be a natural thing for others because whatever the body can no longer take or process, it tries to let it out of the system.

However, if you don’t feel like throwing up but feeling discomfort already, one of the easiest ways to vomit is to trigger the gag reflex by inserting your index and middle finger inside your mouth to touch the back of your throat. Another way is to use vomit-inducing chemicals such as ipecac syrup. It should make you feel a little better after letting out some alcohol from your body before it totally weakens the system.

Vomiting may not completely make you feel sober but at least it’ll help in making you feel better and less sick in the stomach. However, it is not advisable to induce vomiting if you feel that you can still handle yourself after you’ve stopped drinking.

3. Help yourself with glasses of water while drinking and especially after some heavy drinks.

Alcohol can cause the body to be dehydrated as toxins enter the system. When the toxins are processed, this is when you start feeling sick and drunk, and a fun night can suddenly turn nightmarish. Before you allow it to happen, indulge in a few glasses of water in between your drinks or every after taking a shot. Scientifically, drinking water can prevent the feeling of being sober and help avoid a bad hangover. Try doing this the next time you engage in some drinking sessions or attending parties where drinks are overflowing.

4. Grab something to eat if you may have been drinking on an empty stomach.

Apparently, it is not advisable to be drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, so if you have started drinking without anything in the tummy, you can still help yourself with some food to help settle the stomach. Your tummy needs to be able to digest food while letting the toxins work its way in your system so that you won’t feel sick after hours of drinking. Food in the tummy slows down the rate of alcohol absorption, so it speeds up the process of becoming sober.

5. Taking a cold shower sends a shock to the body when you are feeling drunk and sick in the stomach, and sobers you up fast.

Running a cold bath when you are drunk is sure to shock the system and wakes you up so you’d feel alive and alert. Imagine jumping into a cold pool, that’s how it feels. But you don’t want to hit the shower when you are totally drunk and making a mess with your vomit. Only do so when you haven’t thrown up at all and still have the energy to step into the bathroom for a cold shower. The goal is just to make you feel sober and better.

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