Author: Lucas Odparlik

Lucas Odparlik

Lucas Odparlik, Bartender

Lucas Odparlik is a bartender, music producer, DJ, and writer from Tampa, Florida with over 14 years of experience behind the bar.

Starting out in the hospitality industry as a busser, he soon found his place behind the rails with a surprise promotion. There he flourished, absorbing all the information he could about mixology and the bartending craft. Moving across the state of Florida, he found himself immersed in the hospitality industry, holding many vital restaurant positions, including bar, barback, server, cook, expo, and more.

His passion for the world of spirits is informed by his cultural upbringing and travels around the world. A devout musician, he views bartending much in the same way, as an endless melody constantly evolving. Fusing exotic ingredients with a unique creativity, his aim is to innovate the way spirits are celebrated and to bring together all walks of life.

Lucas can currently be found behind the bar at the iconic Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City, the longest-running restaurant in Florida, founded in 1905. His aim is to continue the rich legacy of the Columbia and to leave his mark on the historic Ybor City with his affinity for pushing the boundaries of mixology. Recently, he found his way onto the menu with his latest creation, the Andalusia Fresa, becoming an official cocktail of the world-renown gem of Spanish restaurants.

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