Nick Lappen

Nick Lappen is a bartender, writer, and occasionally a teacher from Watertown, Massachusetts. Nick has worked in the restaurant industry since age 13. Beginning as a busser, runner, and crab steamer at Cantlers in Annapolis, Maryland he has gone on to work at bars and restaurants across the United States and abroad. At one time or another Nick has held almost every position in a restaurant, from dishwasher to cook, food runner to bar manager. He has traveled to over 50 nations and brought with him a passion for discovering local food, beer, wine, and spirits which has inspired his bartending. Most recently Nick has worked as a cocktail bartender and bar consultant in the United States and China. When not caught in a global pandemic he lives in Shanghai and runs the cocktail instagram page @thenickromancer.

Svedka Prices & Buyers’ Guide

Svedka is a Swedish vodka manufactured using winter wheat and filtered five times. The name is a combination of the Swedish name for Sweden and the word “Vodka”. Svedka is owned by an American company, Constellation Brands, and manufactured for them by Lantmannen, a Swedish farmer’s co-op. The product was first imported to the United…

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Skyy Vodka Prices & Buyers’ Guide

Skyy Vodka is a budget vodka manufactured by Campari Group and packaged in a distinctive cobalt blue bottle. Skyy is distilled using wheat and marketed based on the claim that it has almost no congeners, or hangover causing substances, in its product. While it isn’t going to blow you away in terms of quality, it’s…

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Pinnacle vodka bottle mockup of flavoured drinks

Pinnacle Vodka Prices & Buyer’s Guide

Pinnacle is a fairly new brand of vodka, founded in 2002 and owned by the American manufacturer of spirits, Beam Suntory, which also owns other popular brands such as Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, and Knob Creek. During its genesis, Pinnacle is distilled five separate times in the legendary Cognac region of France, known as the “Spirit…

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Unveiling the Van Winkle 10 Year: A Bourbon Journey

Steeped in history, drenched in tradition, and boasting a unique profile that captivates the most discerning liquor connoisseurs, Van Winkle 10 Year bourbon holds a special place in the sets of whiskey aficionados. This essay invites you to venture into the rich chronicles of this timeless spirit, uncovering its roots tracing back to its creation,…

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Delve into the World of Cherry Mountain Dew

Cherry Mountain Dew, a beloved variation of its parent beverage, Mountain Dew, paints the fizzy soda landscape with its unique flavor and striking color. The journey of Cherry Mountain Dew, or as it’s affectionately known by Dew enthusiasts, “Code Red,” is vast and full of fascinating twists. With its roots tracing back to the turn…

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