John Carlton

7 Fun Vodka Facts

With its clear, colorless, and odorless appearance, vodka is unlike its flamboyant contemporaries. Despite this, it remains one of the most popular hard drinks in the world. Don’t let its low-key appearance deceive you. This drink has a lot to offer. Not just in strength, but with fun facts as well. Here are some things…

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5 Easy and Delicious Tequila Recipes

When people think of tequila, they usually picture shots of this potent drink along with fresh lime wedges and salt. Some of the most famous tequila brands are the delicious Jose Cuervo and Patron. Despite the popular image of tequila served in shot glasses, there are some tasty cocktails you can make with tequila to…

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It’s All About Tequila!

People all over the world love tequila. Popular brands like Patron or Jose Cuervo can be found in bars from Japan to California and European cities. Tequila is the ideal drink for festive parties and celebrations. Whether it’s drank in a shot glass or mixed in some refreshing cocktail, the distinct flavor of tequila is…

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