Author: Steve Remp

Steve Remp

Steve Remp, Bartender

Steve Remp is a bar manager and musician from Suffolk County, New York, now residing in Brooklyn.

Having started as a bartender at the age of 17, in a Queens beer garden, he quickly became one of the few underage bartenders in New York City at the age of 19. A personal interest in craft beer and small-batch whiskey was more than just a desire to drink to be drunk, but more so, it was a reason to make it known that a 19-year old bartender could do more than just pour a pint and wipe the pine. He could pick your new favorite bourbon and tell you why you like it more than what you just had.

By 22, Steve was designing the bar program for a brand new 200-seat restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Everything from the cocktail menu and beer selection, to the wine rack and top shelf bottles, was put in place by him.

Having paved the way for his successor, he has since moved on and now manages the beverage program for a Queens-based privately owned vintage bowling alley that boasts a large craft beer and American whiskey selection.

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